ZIG / Ziggurat Housing N4

The project forms part of the new OMA/FAA/XDGA masterplan on the boulevard Calberson MacDonald in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. The masterplan consists of 2 layers, a lower layer of existing warehouse and parking space, to be renovated into commercial/parking programme and an upper platform on which x new apartment buildings by a variety of architects are planned. JDS were commissioned by ICADE-ARCOBA to design 2 social housing buildings N4 and S4. N4 has seven levels and 60 apartments.

The N4 building has N/S orientation and occupies a site with the south facade overlooking the primary public square and greenspace in the masterplan and the North facade overlooking Boulevard Calberson.

Due to strict masterplan and client requirements, which evolved throughout design developement, the mass of the building forms a T shape reflecting the maximum envelope available. Taking this fixed shape the building is pared back on the upper south facade to create south orientated balconies and cut back on the lower south facade to minimise cantilevering on the structure in the existing building and to create sunshading and a more generous outdoor garden. To create dual views a harlequin balcony pattern is applied and wrapped around the entire south portion of the building. Window spacing is based on internal programmatic and sustainability requirements and the entire building is wrapped in a multilayer perforated metal cladding to play with sunlight and reflection hitting the building.