VIE / Business Center Vienna

Vienna’s business life is moving south of the river. The new business and living hub will be located around the new main station of Austria’s capital. This neighbourhood connects the centre with the district called Wieden in the north east of the city. Our project’s program is divided into public areas like retail and restaurants situated in the lower floors and into private sections for office, administration and an optional hotel on the floors above. The challenge was to create a consistent urban form while at the same time provide a clear division into 3 into three units, which would be sold to different clients.

The triangular building shape is given by the plot outline and defines the freestanding identity of the project. Our desire to transform that into a more permeable entity is resolved by splitting the volume’s base with a series of cracks, allowing the passer by to enter the block all the way to its core where a generous public space offers a multiplicity of programs. The centre is covered by a glass dome and contains public spaces with cafes, restaurants, galleries and accesses to the upper levels.