VEJB / VEJLE Buildings

The VEJLE Buildings are a housing project that provides a new identity for a city in progression. As a part of the master plan for the urban development of Vejle, the central harbour districts are to be transitioned from an industrial area to a residential and recreational zone. With the long term consolidation of the harbour functions and the gradual transformation of industry to sporting, cultural, business and residential zones, Vejle will be able to undergo a renaissance of new opportunities at the waterfront. The new promenade that connects the city with the marina will be the first step for the city into the qualities of the fjord. The placement of the buildings creates the face of Vejle to its surroundings and are therefore of a considerable monumental value. The buildings are five stand-alone houses each shaped as a letter, thus spelling the city’s name, Vejle. This does not only provide the city an immense logo but also acts an invitation to the fjord. The openings between the letters create inviting spaces that allow passage for both pedestrians and sunlight.