TAK / Golden House


The vision of the project was derived from the wish to both unite the two existing neighbouring buildings on the intersection of Vesterbro Torv and Vester Alle through scale and height, and at the same time stand out.

The golden facade has a warm, copper-coloured undertone, which plays with the red bricks of the neighbouring buildings. It supports the overall idea of connecting the Golden House to the surrounding buildings and creating cohesion, but without reproducing their style. At the same time, the building is designed to differentiate itself and bring its own distinctive style to the area and a unique identity to the corner.

Given the fact that it is a corner plot, the backside of the building is narrow and for the most part of the day in the shadow. To be able to grant all 33 apartments balcony access there was opted to take these away from the courtyard side and bring them to the front by putting all circulation on the back. As a consequence, there is quite a lot of free open space on the back and more room for common areas. In order to soften the transition between the two neighbouring buildings, organic shapes have been added to the balconies. Separate sections of the same material have been added along the curvature of the balconies structure, to separate the apartments from each other and block the view to the neighbors. By doing so, all apartments have a unique regular or French balcony, while on the roof both private roof terraces and a large shared roof terrace are added.