RMW / Rimini Waterfront

How to resurrect a vibrant history of pop culture into a contemporary city of high culture? How to make a contemporary new city at the core of Fellini’s heritage?
Entangled in between the old local city and the regional leisure beach front our project aims at recreating a lost relationship of the 2.
We have considered the project as an urban filmstrip: a linear sequence of urban frames all intertwined in a boardwalk of interior and exterior activities… the shape of the plan follows Burle Marx’s legendary pattern of Copacabana’s boardwalk but re-interprets it in a tridimensional way… the powerful and recognizable pattern evokes sand ripples and sea waves and has the incredible ability to allow both longitudinal and transversal connections which is exactly what is required in the project: to facilitate the meanderings of passers-by strolling along the boardwalk while at the same time integrating the street connections coming from the city. The whole public concept is covering a large parking facility half a floor underground and therefore permits to view the horizon and sea without having the feeling of climbing a floor above the ground.