POP / Taipei Pop Music Center

The Taipei Pop Music Center will play an acupunctural role in creating an urban balance between the east and west parts of Taipei City. Furthermore, the importance of the concert hall has increased in recent years, due to the decline in legitimate music market album sales, many records companies or indepedent studios have focused on live music performance as their main economic strategy. A professional music center for all kinds of performances in Taipei is today necessary. Differing from typical iconic buildings in Taipei City which symbolize only aesthetical appearance, we propose a space where events and activities are the symbol itself.

The concept is to provide an open framework that generates its own creative space for constant flow of information exchange, performance, and activities with a series of basic concepts:
There are 4 ramps raising up and extending from the city fabric, joining and forming a floating plateau, which creates accessibility in all directions to and from the city.
The project bridges the disconnected 2 parts of the site, creating a confluence-like space, with dynamic, constant flow passing through it.
The plateau is composed by an indoor auditorium and an open-air auditorium. The flexible partition between them makes it possible to join the 2 auditoriums into one, providing a wide range of flexible use of space accommodating all kinds of concerts and activities. The stage-like plateau frames the city as its background for the performances to unfold.