POLY / The Delaware Project

Project Delaware, An Undulating Frame for Polyforum’s Murals: Our project emerges from the idea of creating an undulating backdrop to the Polyforum Siqueiros. This new frame reflects the murals of Siqueiros in a dynamic and interactive way, as a form of urban dialogue with the citizens. By moving and rotating the Polyforum 90 degrees we bring it closer to Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur, the longest and one of the most important avenues in Mexico City. The Polyforum becomes more visible, as it gets closer and its long side is presented to the street. the “real” art is the façade, or vice-versa, the real façade of the entire project becomes the art.

By lifting it on a 1,80 m high plateau we give the Polyforum a stage to perform: a new plenum to create an urban interaction as well as a protected plateau to admire the art.  The ground-floor at the foot of the tower becomes a space where the 2 buildings relate and where the access to the exhibitions, the restaurants and the main lobby of the Polyforum is arranged. It is again a zone of ROTATE dialogue where the 2 entities unite and separate at the same time.

Urban Concept:  We create an urban terrace, that steps from street level up to 1,80m and continues by lifting up the opposite corner to create an urban auditorium to appreciate the murals while at the same time being a roof for the entrance lobbies underneath. 

The Paper Canvas:  By shaping the volume around the Polyforum we preserve and even celebrate it as a unique art piece. In contrast to the angular shapes of Polyforum our project rises as an undulating paper canvas, dancing in the city’s breeze.  From every angle this project is slightly transformed and seems to be constantly in movement.