MON / Velika Plaza Montenegro

Currently, Velika Plaza’s main asset is its beautiful beach, a pleasant climate and long seasons.  We suggest more.  We suggest a uniquely, differentiated crystallized development.  A hallmark for developments to come.  The site does not yet possess the unique, diversified qualities that are found in Kotor, Budva, and Cinque Terra and the like, but Montenegro does!  We suggest Velika Plaza be developed as six uniquely different villages, truly Montenegrin and truly European.

Each module will be built as a living village.  It is estimated that a total of 3000 staff will be employed by the hotels and additional shops and restaurants in each village for a total of over 15,000 employees. The majority of these are encouraged to reside permanently in Velika Plaza.  Families will be established and will  run the various hotels, shops and restaurants.  The development will also include all necessary public functions such as schools, libraries, and community buildings.