JAM / Jnah Marina Resort Beirut

The scheme for a Marina, Hotel, Condominium, Villas and Park Resort requires a unifying logic in order to amplify the landscape of one of the last prominent coastline site in Beirut.
Each component, while being part of an overarching approach, has
unique characteristics and parameters: The hotel requires beachfront views and easy access to the waterfront terraces, the villas require a more serene and peaceful view of the sea hidden away from the road. The condominiums need to be placed away from the villas and treated in such a way that they become an autonomous entity. Each of these factors have been organised by the use of their in between, the landscape: a large cliff divides the villas from the condominiums, while a quiet park separates the hotel from the condos. While each element is different we have tried to combine them in a way that reads in one logical, clear and minimal language. We have used a weave pattern as a master-planning device which can be manipulated in different ways in order to make the scheme extremely flexible to changes during the design phase post-competition.