INV / The Invader S4

The project forms part of the new OMA/FAA/XDGA masterplan on the boulevard Calberson MacDonald in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. The masterplan consists of 2 layers, a lower layer of existing warehouse and parking space, to be renovated into commercial/parking programme and an upper platform on which new apartment buildings by a variety of architects are planned. JDS were commissioned by ICADE-ARCOBA to design 2 social housing buildings N4 and S4. S4 has seven levels and 33 apartments.

The S4 building is located on the southern edge of the masterplan with the north facade overlooking the primary greenspace in the masterplan and the south facade overlooking the planned tramway linking the site to the city.

The buildings shape is derived from the maximum allowable volume on site based on materplan and planning requirements with 1.6m balcony setbacks on the north and south facades. Loggias are cut into the East and West facades to ensure every apartment has access to outdoor space creating a play on the 1980’s space invader graphic. The materiality of the facade adheres to materplan requirements in creating alternating bands of light smooth concrete and dark rough concrete with windows set flush to the exterior. Colourful touches and green spaces are added where possible to enliven the building.