HAV / Superharbour

We propose to consolidate all Danish harbour traffic into a strategically located Superharbour, thereby creating a new gate to the Baltic Sea markets and a new industrial growth zone joining CoMa (Copenhagen-Malmø), HamBrem(Hamburg-Bremen) and BeNeLux (Belgium- Netherlands-Luxemburg) into one continuous belt of economic growth. The new Superharbour will be located on the soon-to-be-built Fehmern bridge between Denmark and Germany, at the optimum intersection of north-south traffic between Scandinavia and Europe, and east-west traffic between the New Europe and the rest of the world. The Superharbour will liberate 20 billion euros worth of prime real estate in Denmark’s 12 biggest cities for new forms of urban life, allowing the cities to consolidate their growth where people want to live, rather than scattering even more suburban developments on the urban peripheries.