HANG / Hangzhou Gateway


This 16-floor office building is the size of its site with two voids traversing the building diagonally in plan, creating an H shape. The void through the bottom floors becomes an arch that serves as a covered plaza and is oriented to create a pathway between two historic public spaces on either side. The top void creates a stepped park reminiscent of ancient Chinese rice-fields. It serves as rainwater retainer which re-uses water and cools down the building. It is oriented to provide views to the offices. Sunlight, access to fresh air and outdoor space create a quality work environment. Structurally, the building is simple and economical. Two cores serve as supports, bracing the lower floor plates. The middle floor plates span the cores, acting as a beam, creating a stable platform to support the upper floors.

Awards and recognition:
2017 Finalist Architizer A+ Awards