GWELL / Gangnam Bogeumjari District Officetel

We have been commissioned by Shinyoung Co. to design the Officetel Building in the new development area of Gangnam Bogeumjari District in Seoul, South Korea.

The Officetel Building is a hybrid program between an office and hotel as a self-contained living environment. Through official use and living arrangements, the hotel spaces will be conditioned and designed as compact apartments.

The 10 story building consists of retail, amenities and 700 small apartment units with about 25 M2 for a single person. We have embraced the hill on our site as an important landscape element in the positioning our building. The courtyard is open towards the hill allowing the nature qualities to become an integrated part of our site and the new building.

The building also defines a new dimension for the officetel typology. On the street side, we have shifted the units to give space for terraces. This shifted facade creates a special identity for the whole building complex – a lively and exclusive appearance that becomes the trademark for this unique building. The cascade of terraces encourages the communication between the neighbors and strengthens the feeling of community within the building.

Construction starts in the autumn of 2012.