FRED / Frederikssund Loop Tower

Frederikssund is named after the late King Frederik III (17th century). If that isn’t so relevant in our times it is interesting to notice its central position in a bizarre stretch aligning the main 3 cities of the Oeresund Region to Denmark’s mainland: namely and in order from East to West, Malmoe, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Frederikssund is strategically and conveniently located at the confluence of various transportation systems, directly linked to Copenhagen and halfway to Aarhus.

The city’s development ambitions outlined in the Vinge masterplan and the ambitions of this project’s commissioner to create a pole of mixed development and the highest tower in the country seem to align as well.

In this context we decided to compose a building that will provide Frederikssund with an active landmark that can both be lived by its citizens, its visitors and from which all can enjoy the region’s beauty and even beyond, can comprehend its relationship to the capital, to Aarhus and even Malmoe, across the Oeresund.