DUB / Dublin Dockland’s Bath

Dublin has long had a historical tradition of public bathing and is home to several sea baths along the coast, just outside of the city. Can we renew this tradition and make it a more urban activity by locating a bath within the city centre? The Dublin Docklands is an area in the midst of great change and development located near the confluence of the River Liffey, the Grand Canal and the River Dodder. This location gives the site a highly distinct character valued by the community and with great potential for the development of active programs, such as a public bath, to energize the canal. A public bath would not only act as a catalyst for the growth of new social activities, but also serve as a link across the Grand Canal, continuing an important passage through the city of Dublin. Consisting of a children’s pool, diving pool, semi-Olympic pool, changing facilities, and a café, this addition to the Dublin Docklands maximizes the potential for social development and land development. We hope to attract the public back to the water’s edge to enjoy it’s natural amenities.