CHF / Les Jardins Freyssinet

The site of Tolbiac Chevaleret in embedded in an interesting contextual duality: the proximity of several newly constructed buildings and the re-use of the early 20th century factory hall.
The concept of the project is to tie together the physical and social links of these two opposed realities with the disconnected neighboring quarters. We perceive the site of the hall from above as a green Seine. Only the skeleton of the building subsists, about which vegetation, sports activities, and artistic and commercial life will proliferate. We traverse over the green river on several bridges, below the commercial and retail activities of the project will grow. Around the bridges, a building of hotel program and apartments arises articulating a mixture of program and spatial qualities. The project is the result of a process that can offer an extraordinary experience to the users of the adjacent neighborhood and all of Paris. An evident continuity is inserted into a vehicular tissue that today is fractured and no longer functions satisfactorily.