CAEN / Caenhattan

The masterplan project in Caen stretches from the English Channel to the city center. Our site is situated at the tip of the peninsula created by the meeting points from the extended paths of the sea. Because of this particular situation, we see the island as a place that aims to be densely built, incorporating public and political functions.

Normandy’s coastal and natural qualities have always made the region a beautiful and peaceful place to be. In our proposal, we took this quality to create an urban park that injects a Normand’s countryside to an urbanized zone. This urbanized landscape is formed from the extrusion of a grid that is molded to slope down towards the center of the park. The heights are integrated with the volume of existing buildings (BMVR/Media Tech Library, TGI/Courthouse and Milling Factory) with three peaks at the edges of the island. This system creates open and distant views along with a large public space in the center of the site.