BRAT / Trondheim Fjordpark

Trondheim Fjord Park extends over a coastline of 700 meters in the central Trondheim. The design of Trondheim Fjord Park is based on sight lines from the mid town, which follow the main north-south streets in the city’s characteristic city plan. In areas where the sight lines meet the fjords, the new coast park pulls back to the city so the relationship between the land and the city becomes tightly knit – both visually and physically.

Between these node points, a chain of differentiating park spaces emerge, all located as sequentially spaced tongues spilling into the fjord. This creates a zig-zag course along the expanded coastline. In each park space, a series of slits are cut and are either raised or lowered to produce a surface that undulates with the landscape to form large steps and ramps. These modulated surfaces create urban spaces that provide water access, areas of shelter against the shifting winter and summer winds, and parks that are optimized for orientation relative to sun and views.
At the north and south edges, the park has more of an urban character and is outfitted with materials that reflect this – concrete, asphalt and wood. The middle part of the Fjord Park is planned for sunbathing, picnic, and ball games with surfaces mainly of gravel and grass. In both design and choice of materials, there is focus in a robustness that ensures that the park can endure the varying and sometimes harsh climate and can withstand changes over time.