BPS / Belgian and European Pavilion Shanghai Expo

The Belgian Pavilion emerges through a series of soft hills, symbolizing the landscape in the southern part of Belgium and made out from earth collected from minor foundation excavation on site. The hills are surrounding the Pavilion itself, interacting with the environment of the Expo. When snaking around those low hills, one reaches the round outskirts of the Pavilion. The discovery of the pavilion is a purely immersive experience. The Belgian Pavilion will function as a journey through various experiences, a loop that guides the visitor through all the aspects of the exhibition content and ties them together to the epicurean programs of the store and the restaurant. Visiting the Belgian Pavilion starts with entering in a zone of experiences. The importance of the large interactive space as a visitor’s attraction and an umbrella under which all the public functions of the Belgian Pavilion are gathered is intentional and manifest. It is a place for experiences, as it will act as a large screen on to which impressions and expressions of Belgium are projected and linked to Shanghai, in real time.