The Bat Mansion is set in place

15 May, 2021 at 13:24

JDS Architects designed a birdhouse for bats in Parc Des Gayeulles in Rennes, France.

Near the lakes and forest areas of the park, a home for Bats was an obvious choice, as they are an important part of a functioning ecosystem. Making a bat-friendly place supports the ecologically essential role bats have in the environment, including pest-control, pollination and seed dispersal.
The Muz Yer project in Rennes made different architects design different birdhouses on various locations throughout the city. Each birdhouse is a specific architectural response to an urban context and a refuge specific to the species identified by the Ligue Protectrice des Oiseaux (RSPB in France), the project’s scientific partner. More about Muz Yer here.

See the project here