ARG / Buenos Aires Bicentennial Gate

The creation of iconographic architecture prevailed from the Bilbao Guggenheim and throughout the turn of the 20th century. Today it is at its peek but also suffers a certain global homogeneity and has started to show its weaknesses. We believe that icons today should be performative rather than strictly symbolic. We believe in the combination of processes rather singular positions. We propose an icon for Buenos Aires that will be the very symbol of its link to the world and to its history but will also be an active place for culture, leisure and the unfolding of the city’s social life. We propose a bridge to connect the new waterfront neighbourhood to the natural reserve and park. We suggest that this bridge would be a green promenade as well as a cultural facility offering large exhibition spaces, auditoriums, congress and hotel facilities… it will inject life and businesses to the entrance of Buenos Aires, making it a positive and forthcoming gate for the city’s future.
The creation of the bridge allows the framing of a city basin, a zone of water leisure and water park. As the bridge remain fairly high it doesn’t obstruct the deep view of the bay and the horizon but instead frames the water into a huge ‘room’ where the city enjoys its recreational activities.

The Skyline: The creation of the bridge allows for a new event to occur: the possibility for all to enjoy the skyline of Buenos Aires. As one strolls atop the bridge he/she catches the most vibrant view of the city… and of the river on the other side.