AKM / Architectural Moussaka

The given program of the mixed-use building includes parking, commercial spaces, office space and housing, arranged in the following sequence: a 6 storey parking cellar, shopping and galleries half a level below street level, superposed by restaurants, shops half a floor above street level flanked by one floor of offices and two levels of housing on the top; an architectural moussaka!

The Athens law requires all new development to provide 30% of unbuilt land for public use.
In this project we provide 30% of unbuilt and cleared to the sky as well as around 20 percent of unbuilt but covered.  Thereby providing a very accessible ground floor.  Due to its strategic position the site for the mixed-use building should ideally be a void: it would allow to connect 2 important poles of the neighbourhood, the AVDE Library square and the crossing of Megalou Alexandrou & Kolonthynthous. Due to the difficult equation of land use and maximization of build substance, it’s almost impossible to join those ends. By cracking the ground across the site the project creates a canyon that links both ends.