ADA / Adana Center

In recent years, the evolution of sports and its economy has revolutionized its architectural representations. Leading to identity, the stadium which is located on the outskirts has became a parallel singular object, but it still remains an unconnected element of urban life.

The main idea of ​​our proposal was to use the arrival of the new stadium and make it more than a sports complex by making it a part of the town and giving a new identity for Adana. The originality of the proposal lies in its diversity and the stadium itself includes a hotel which circulations overlook the stadium.

How then do we integrate the new program in the city centre within a dense urban context? Our response was to create a true multi-functional area, including residential buildings, office towers, shops, a basketball stadium, an Olympic swimming pool, walks and recreational areas which connect to the existing urban fabric and ensures a 24h/24 vibrant life of the site. Unlike conventional sports arenas, we also established a strong link with Adana by public squares that open on the horizon, allowing the stadium to interact with the city